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Why should pneumatic turbines be replaced by electric motors

Why should pneumatic turbines be replaced by electric motors


Sixteen percent of doctors used only electric handpiece

• 84% of dentists use both electric phones and pneumatic turbines.

• Main advantages: high torque, minimum attenuation, no pause, smooth cutting, quiet, precise speed control, multiple connection accessories.

• Biggest drawbacks: high price, oversize, weight, considerations of overheating.

• Most doctors use both electric phones and pneumatic turbines.It is believed that pneumatic mobile phones combine the advantages of high-speed and low-speed mobile phones, and have a longer life.



Thanks to ergonomic improvements, electric motors are shorter and lighter


Why should pneumatic turbines be replaced by electric motors

In most developed countries, more and more doctors are opting for electric motors

Doctors who use low-pressure, high-speed phones find that they have a huge advantage, especially when it comes to the tasks that low-speed phones need to accomplish, such as denture tuning, making occlusions, making temporary repairs, and finishing and polishing the repairs



All electric handpiece are very useful for the clinic

Electric handpieces are more popular because of their high torque, smooth and smooth cutting consistency, but they also offer a better cutting experience and precision.Patients prefer to experience smooth operation accompanied by lower noise.Both low speed grinding and denture processing applications, electric handpieces have achieved good results.The biggest limitation of electric handpiece is that the cost of switching from conventional pneumatic turbines to electric motors remains high.The handpieces also weighs a bit too much and has a limited operating radius.But lately, smaller, lighter motors have emerged, and they come with LED lights.All of the motors tested were very useful for clinical work and performed well.It is recommended to use pneumatic turbine and electric handpieces together.

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