Is endo insturments manufactured by Denjoy exquisite?
Denjoy Dental Co.,Ltd's production technology ranks among the best on the market. We have always emphasized the endo insturments quality and efficiency of the production process. With state-of-the-art machines and support from experienced engineers, we have the ability to produce products with attractive appearance and long-lasting performance.

Denjoy is famous as a company which centers on producing Rotary file. According to the material, Denjoy's products are divided into several categories, and cordless gutta percha obturation system is one of them. High safety of this product shall be notable. All of the electrode leaders have been tested for voltage resistance and insulation performance. The product meets the requirements of biocompatibility and biostability. It can be used in places with no electrical supply such as remote rural areas. In such cases, it plays a critical role in providing convenience for people. The heating function simply makes it stand out from the rest.

Denjoy always keeps in mind that quality is everything. Call!
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