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Endo Integrated System MetaEndo 4in1 is ready!!!

Endo Integrated System MetaEndo 4in1 is ready!!!


What is your next endo device? Meta Endo Integrated System.  

Meta Endo integrated system 4in1 is coming.  

Trolley, Meta Fill,  Meta Motor, Meta Pex,  (Optional:  Meta Pulp, Meta Pack)

1. APP touchscreen display for operation status visualization

2. Integrated charging system without messy wires 

3. Adjustable platform support for smartphones & tablets.

4. Without trolley, With App use are also available.

5. Multi-purpose dental trays to place dental consumables

6. Updated software in future will be compatible with more dental devices.

Denjoy~Microscopic Root Canal Therapy Solution Provider 

Surf the Canal with Joy!

Enjoy Endo with Denjoy!

Denjoy continue to provide premium quality endodontic solution to dentists worldwide.

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