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26th Dental South China 2021

26th Dental South China 2021


26th Dental South China 2021

Company: Denjoy dental co.ltd

Date: May 10th-13th

Booth No.: 15.2 - H15

More new products will launch at Guangzhou, welcome to visit.

 Endo activator 


For more effective root canal irrigation

The endo activator (ultrasonic) by high-frequency oscillation circuit incentive ultrasonic transducer, produce high-frequency mechanical shock, passed to the work, pointed to activate root canal solution, make the liquid produces a large number of tiny air bubbles, bubbles continuously produce flash is broken, and formation of cavitation cavitation effect and ultrasonic flow, heat effect to destroy the root canal sully layer and the biofilm,So as to achieve the effect of cleaning root canal stains and debris


Curing light 

  The photoinitiator contained in the photocurable resin causes the change of molecular structure by absorbing photons, and then promotes the transformation of the resin monomer into the polymerization network, and the photocurable machine activates the photoinitiator, then initiates the polymerization reaction, and realizes the curing effect

  DY400-7 adopts wide-spectrum high-power LED, which is driven by constant current to ensure stable output of LED irradiance. Its spectral range is 385nm-515nm, and it is suitable for most resin curing.

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